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Label Dispensers

Go-Label carries a couple of different types of label dispensers. The Dispensa-Matic electric label dispensers make it easy to get a label off a roll and allows you to work faster. They come in two styles and are very economical.

We also carry the original Weber FasTagger II lumber end-tagging system. This stapler and label dispenser combo is pneumatically operated for fast, easy, accurate labeling of finished lumber. If you tag your mill-finished lumber with UPC bar code tags, you want the FasTaggerII!

Electric Tabletop Dispensers FasTagger II Lumber Tagger

Dispensa-Matic Tabletop Label Dispensers

二上海11选5开奖走势图 the tabletop label dispensers from dispensa-matic are heavy-duty, semi-automatic electric label dispensers for labels from 0.375” to 6” wide x 0.375” to any length. they are perfect for labeling boxes, envelopes, brochures, bottles, bags, cans – anything that needs a label. these dispensers are built tough to handle daily use for years of trouble-free service.

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FasTagger II Lumber Tagging Tool

the fastagger ii uses compressed air to apply tags at a rate of over 100 tags per minute. your operator simply places the tool against the end of a piece of lumber and pulls the trigger. the fastagger ii automatically staples the tag to the lumber, cuts it, and then feeds the next tag into position. a special feed mechanism increases speed while decreasing chances for tag jam up. tagging lumber just got a whole lot easier!

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